sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2020

Clonlara School - how does it work and my opinion about it

Clonlara is a school that's different from the “normal” ones. In this school you begin your learning using your interests and then you follow them wherever they take you. Like this: you are a student that likes aeroplanes and everything realted to them; you may begin by learnig how each of them works and in the middle you can learn a bit of History from the origin of the plane, or a bit of Phisics from the reason to the aerodynamic disign of it.

Appart from all this, there is another thing that needs to be done and is done in this school, the recording of the learning process, the “filling” of the Full Circle Learning.

Besides all the points refered before we do volluntering as well. It's a compulsury point, for the high school students (9th -12th grades) but, you can choose the ones you do (at least 2 different ones).

My opinion about this school difers because on one hand I'm almost 100% free to study everything I want, nevertheless, due to the basics required from the school itself plus the ones for the areas that I like, I end up having boundaries that help me as well as bother me.

Other point is our recording desasters. I explain ,when we (me and my sisters) make a video to show how our dance practice is going it goes worse than it truly is, as a result of our disconfort of dancing in front of a camera. With this problem it's impossible to record our evolution in that point.

In short, Clonlara School is a good school to be in but, it also has its disadvantages. 

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